Last I saw her we were oooh-ing and ahh-ing at Deepak Chopra’s recounting the tale of human bodies being composed of stardust and the miraculousness of our being (a whole other topic I will have to go into later!) on campus. My wondrous friend and mystical mentor, L’Erin, was telling me about this fortunate (and well-deserved, I must say) opportunity: she’s in competition for a One-on-One Counselling Business Strategy Sess with one of her idol’s Danielle Laporte.

Now, two days later, I found out she WON the competition and the meeting with Danielle Laporte! I am so outstandingly proud and happy for her and I’m looking forward to seeing the fruition of SisterFire. 

Her THANK YOU vid is tooooo adorably whole-hearted not to post. 


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